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We Toppers100 work on the philosophy “The Higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation” & we at toppers100 work towards strengthening your foundation right from a very advanced stage or one can say a very young age. Toppers100 has an expertise in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and these 3 subjects outline the foundation of the very existence of an IITan. Not every mind has acumen to be a toper in IIT-JEE but we believe that every mind can be trained to top the IITs. All it needs is a planned approach to attain the desired results. Following are the USPs of Toppers100 that helps us to mentor our students in the right direction.
Highly qualified, trained & experienced faculties who are appointed by Toppers100 only after a rigorous process of selection. And even after appointments they have to undergo a continual process of trainings to upgrade their skills to match the industry standards.

Meticulous , Relevant and Innovative study material and test series are designed after an intense research by our R&D department to give our students as much hands on practice as possible to make the students  familiar with the test patterns of IIT-JEE.

Spirited environment at Toppers100 provide the necessary edge & exposure to the students to crack IIT-JEE with Top All India Ranks.

Well planned teaching methodology at Toppers100 is the most significant of all the above USPs as it is a perfect blend of Theory, Practical, Test Taking, Doubt Clearance and Motivational Sessions with regular feedbacks as there is not only one factor on which the success in IIT-Jee depends, but it is a perfect blend of all the 4 elements i.e. Knowledge, Skills, Speed and onfidence which is required to Top the IIT-JEE.

And to attain all the above said USPs we have an unimpeachable system of administration with firm discipline, not only for students but also for faculties and support staff.

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